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Smile Design

A great smile can definitely do wonders about one’s appearance. However, not everyone has a great smile.

Veneers are a painless and a quick way to give your smile a facelift. You can reshape, whiten, restructure your teeth with Veneers.

Looking for a winning smile, here is SR Dental clinic in Adyar with the updated Lumineers assisting you to have a perfect and magnetic alignment of teeth. To Glow with the charm is as important as celebrating every moment of your life. Lumineers, veneers would cover your original teeth, protecting the outer layer of enamel on the tooth and also improve your appearance of the teeth just like putting a new case over your phone. Apparently projecting new look that grabs others attention to you, making you a quiet successful social charmer. Lumineers and veneers also helps to fix issues like chipped tooth, discolored, stained and teeth with more gaps in between.

These are custom made to suit your jaw alignment to get it to perfect shape and keep every tooth aligned properly. Maintenance of the Lumineers is also very easy that eventually lasts longer period of time over use, where no filing or reshaping is necessary as it is so thin to fit good right away. Lumineers would be more attractive option to use, just it also neglects the use of conventional procedures to fit it in. S.R.Dental Clinic has highly qualified dental doctors to assist you in enhancing your charm by protecting your teeth. Never hesitate to bring out the star in you, with all the shine you got on your teeth. We are about to brighten it up a bit more for you to stand out in crowd. Contact SR Dental for all the expertise solutions to you even over the Lumineers and veneers.