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Periodontal Treatment

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Periodontal care is essential for the maintenance of healthy gum. Early stages of gum disease causes no symptoms, but can cause severe infection and teeth loss at later stages, or if left untreated. Periodontal diseases are generally caused by bacterial infection in the gum and include Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Periodontitis is characterized by plaque formation and is the advanced stage of Gingivitis. These gum diseases can be prevented if detected early.

Our specialists control this and other gum disease using the most recent advances in oral health, including therapeutical laser, thermal and ozone therapies.

SR dental hospital is equipped with state of the art machinery and technology to provide world class dental care at affordable prices. Our experts are highly trained and provide the best services to improve your dental health treatments. We assure you the best results that are extremely visible.

Gums are an essential part of oral care. Unhealthy gums will also affect our dental health which leads to various dental issues. Periodontal care is primary for maintaining a healthy gum. The gum diseases may cause no big problem at the early stages but may cause severe damage to your gum and teeth at later stages if they are left untreated. Bacterial infection in the gums causes periodontal disease namely, Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Our Best Dentist in Adyar professionally trained specialists treat these gum disease and other gum related issues with latest technologies and advancements in oral healthcare. The treatment includes various steps including scaling and root planing, which is a non-surgical method of removing the plaque and tartar deposits on the tooth and root surfaces. This is referred to as periodontal cleaning. Surgical methods are also available to remove the plaque and tartar in the hard to reach, under the gums and along the roots of the teeth.

Various procedures such as bone grafts are also available to regenerate the bones affected by the periodontal disease. Various tools are used to stabilize the loosened teeth and regenerate tissues during healing. Reach us now to live a bright life with great oral health.