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Amalgam free composite fillings

Tooth-colored composite fillings are attractive and enduring alternative to metal fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are not noticeable and give you the confidence to smile without worry about amalgam work. Patients may be concerned about the safety of amalgam work and prefer to avoid metal fillings for peace of mind.

Metal free Bridges and Crowns

The material used is Zirconia which is very strong, and it replaces traditional metal frames. It is the only metal-free type of crown that is suitable not only for solo crowns, but also for preparing longer bridges to replace several gaps.

Dental care: Does metal affect long-term fillings?

Earlier, in the case of filing tooth and fixation of crowns or bridges, amalgam was used in most cases to fill in the gaps. This was the practice used earlier to fix gaps, fill tooth and fix crowns. But in the long-run, amalgam started to cause problems with tooth-whitening and would create black marks on the borders of the crowns or the fillings. And eventually the adhesive would lose its properties being strong and durable and would crack into bits, creating the same initial problem again. The dental patients did not approve of this particular method as it affected them in their other facial attributes as well. Considering its dark texture and its non-durable compatibility, the world of dentistry decided to use another adhesive to do the job, perfect and polished.

Zirconia over Amalgam?

The new adhesive is called as Zirconia. This is the most effective and durable material used to fill the gaps, fix dentures, place crowns and bridges. Zirconia had a long-lasting hold and with the worry about black borders gone, Zirconia is well approved by the client and patients with its attractive and enduring tooth-coloured fillings. With the seamless colour with the teeth, it would be difficult to differentiate between the actual tooth and its filling. There is no need to be concerned about safety in the case of Zirconia, and it stays long-lasting and durable than Amalgam. The new adhesive is stronger and can also replace traditional frames and crowns.

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