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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

We offer Laser Dentistry which is faster more efficient and pain free. Lasers are used in Implant treatment, Reducing pigmentation in dark gums, Biopsies and Root Canal disinfection.

SR dental clinic located in Alwarpet, Chennai provides high quality dental services at affordable prices. Laser dentistry is an upcoming trend in the field of dental health care which allows dentists to use laser for various treatments inside your mouth such as removing an overgrown tissue, repairing gums and whitening teeth.

Laser dentistry is perfect for kids who are afraid to do regular, old-school dental care treatments. There are various benefits that come attached with laser dentistry such as follows:

  • ● Anesthesia may not be necessary

  • ● Laser sterilizes the gums making it less prone to infections.

  • ● Less damage to the gums

  • ● Heal quickly

  • ● Minimal blood loss comparing the traditional methods

  • The two main types of lasers used are soft lasers and hard lasers. Each of it has different wavelength to cut through specific type of tissues. This works because each kind of tissue absorbs wavelength of light in different ways. Hard tissue laser are used for

    ● Detecting cavities

  • ● Dealing with tooth sensitivity

  • ● Preparing teeth for dental fillings

  • Soft tissue lasers are used for

    • ● Lengthening crowns

    • ● Dealing with restricted tongue movements

    • ● Reshaping gums

    • ● Removing folds in oral soft tissues caused by dentures.

    • If you think you are up to the challenge and your dental health can be improved with this innovative technology, then laser dentistry will be a great choice. SR dental clinic in Adyar promises to provide the best dental services with the state of the art technology. Our well-equipped and experienced professionals are promised to provide you high quality dental services at affordable prices. Contact us for further details.

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