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Kids Dentistry

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Our desire at SR Dental is to achieve optimal oral health through prevention first. That means caring for children’s dental needs beginning with the eruption of their first tooth.

With our professional support together with the support of you as parents we can achieve healthy teeth and bone development in our young patients.

Leading a cavity free childhood

Remember when you were young you used run around so much that sometimes you fell hitting your teeth first, leading to uneven chipped tooth? Do you remember how painful those cavities were, after eating those countless sweets and chocolates? Well not much has changed over the generations. Your child will too do the same running around and eating of sweets. There is one thing that you can do different this time. That is helping maintain good oral hygiene.

During this phase of their life, they grow new teeth, lose them and grow another set again. (This just adds another reason for them to be cranky.) Teeth must be taken care of from a young age after all it is never too early to start. What is practiced when you are small will be imprinted and becomes a habit when you are older. Good oral hygiene is never a bad habit.

As a child going to the dentist is a big nightmare, and a bigger nightmare for the parent taking that child to the dentist. Seeing all the sharp tools and drills displayed proudly does not help the process either. Although, choosing the right dental clinic can make a huge difference. At SR Dental clinic in Mylapore, we have a team dedicated to Kids dentistry. We deal with all kids from before the first teeth appear to when they are in the adolescence.

With big smiles on our faces, we will guide you and your ward on the right path to maintain perfect teeth. After all, prevention is better than cure. Our professionals will give tips based on your child’s condition and make oral hygiene a less monotonous chore. Don’t wait for the small problems to develop into big pains. Contact us for your child’s oral checkup.