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Dentistry is an ever dynamical field with new latest in technology regularly showing. We have started our Dental Hospital in Adyar before 10 years with an aim to bring excellence dental treatment at a reasonable value, we've succeeded with thousands of patient compliments over the years. At SR Dental Clinic in Mylapore we tend to aim to be the lead and provide patients the most recent treatments out there to create the expertise as comfy as attainable. Our dentists in Adyar at SR are regularly change their skills and information and frequently attend post graduate lectures and courses.

Our Dental clinic in adyar is suited one of the popular places in Chennai, and located very near Demonte Colony, Apollo Speciality Hospital and Austin Nagar, Chennai. SR Dental Clinic in Adyar provide you the best treatment with comfortable, latest technology and best atmosphere. Are you looking for an appointment to get a treatment with our clinic, please give a call at 98401 74201 this number. We always welcome you and happy to assist you in the same.

You could read a thousand quotes about how smiling brightens one’s day but if you’re really insecure about your teeth or if you think twice before flashing those 32 magnificent fangs, we’re right here for you. We’re simply the best dentist in Adyar with the simple intention of helping you smile confidently without holding anything back.

We understand how Adyar and Besant Nagar could be a prime hub for food lovers with all the junk food you tend to hog spontaneously, especially considering the shops along the Bessy beach road. No one’s stopping you on that but you might have to deal with some consequences if you’re constantly driven by them. We, at S.R. Dental Implant Clinic aim to deal with basic to complex dental procedures to keep your smiles intact. It could be fillings, extractions, root canals or simply teeth whitening - we got you covered. With the help of our highly trained professionals who keep their knowledge on dentistry up-to-date, any kind of dental treatment would be a ‘piece of cake’, literally.

A simple dental checkup wouldn’t hurt. We’re right here in your neighbourhood to ease your proximity to us. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll take care of the rest. Start spreading smiles and positivity, for happiness starts with ‘you’.